We are fully aware of our responsibilties towards protection and privacy of the information collected on the SEFU platform.

This privacy policy has been drafted by Us in accordance with the information technolgy act, 2000 and the information technology rules, 2011. By using our platform, You agree to Our Privacy Policy clauses stated below. Please read the terms of this privacy policy carefully before uisng the platform. This privacy policy is subject to the terms of use and consitute a valid legally binding agreement between You and Us.

The platform and any services thereon, are being provided to You as a service on a revocable and non transferable agreement.

This privacy policy is part of and subject to our terms and conditions of use at https://www.sefu.in/web/privacy-policy

For Us to provide You the services, it is essential for Us to collect some basic information about You. Accordingly You consent to the collection, storage and use of the information You disclosed on our App in accordance with this privacy policy.

If We decide to change our privacy policy we will try our best to keep You informed so that you always know that the information we collect, how We use and the puporse of the same.

If You do not agree with this policy or our terms of use, please do not continue to use or access our platform or any part thereof.

1. Information We collect:

a) At each point You will clearly know the information We are collecting from You. For using the app we collect the following during registration:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Your mobile number
  • Your flat no in the apartment complex or gated enclave
  • Your vehicle information if any
  • and such other data that You have chosen to provide on the platform

2. We may collect the following from the Visitors / Guests / Logistic providers / Online shopping and market place providers or any other person entering the premises:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Checkin and Checkout time
  5. Purpose of visit
  6. And such other data that the community may have chosen to record
  7. Photographs or scanned images as required
  8. We do so purely for recording and security purpose.

3. When You visit our website or use our App, our software will automatically collect the following information:

  1. Your IP address
  2. The website from which you were referred to our website (e.g. if you follow a link)
  3. The webpages you are visiting on our website
  4. The browser you are using and the display settings
  5. Your operating system: and / or device details
  6. The date and duration of your visit

We do so purely for debugging and enhancing user experience.

4. We are not responsible for the accuracy or correctness of any such information. You undertake to indemnify us for any losses we may suffer due to any claim raised against us with respect to any data and / or information that is provided by You to us which are not attributable to negligence, fraud or misrepresentation on our part.

5. During registration process, You may decide to not provide such information to Us. In case You choose to decline to submit information on the App, We may not be able to provide certain services to You. Any information provided by You will not be considered sensitive and confidential if it is freely available and / or accesible in the public domain.

6. When You use our App, it may seek your permission to access your mobile phone features like the Camera and Photo Gallery for you to be able to use cetain App features like NewsFeed. The App will use the data collected through this purely for the intended security of the apartment complex of the gated community where it is deployed.

7. Device Information: We may collect certain device information like device model, operating system and version, etc. as required for better functioning of the App and better quality of service.

8. Use of Information: The information collected on our platform will be use for the below listed purposes:

  1. To provide you the defined services offered by the platform
  2. Record keeping, Reporting and Audit Trail
  3. To analyze and improve the services of our platform
  4. As basis to resolve disputes, as applicable

9. Sharing of information: We may have to share or disclose your information collected on our platform under the following conditions:

  1. As per prevelant law of the jurisdiction
  2. Against Court orders
  3. Requirements arising from Law enforcement offices, Investigations of litigations and disputes, summons, etc.
  4. In case of merger with another business entirty or acquisition by another business entity, restructuring of our business. In case of such situations, the new business entity will follow and adhere with this Privacy Policy.

10. Information Security

  1. All information collected on the platform will be stored on Secured server space, in a private secured data center or secured cloud infrastructure, dedicated for the subscribed apartment complex or gated community.
  2. All sensitive information like passwords will be stored in encrypted form.
  3. The collected data will be backed up at periodic intervals as a safety measure against data corruption, deletion, destruction, etc.
  4. In order to protect your information against theft, loss, unauthorized access and modifications during transmission over the internet, We use firewalls and SSL technologies. However, You understand and accept that there is no gaurantee that data transmission over the internet is completely secure.

11. Opt-out or unsubscribe: If You choose to opt-out or unsubscribe and delete any or all of your information, You may uninstall our app and delete your account on the Website. Please note We may still retain some information and record of transaction as required by any law, contract or policy applicable to Us.

12. 'Us', 'We' or the 'Company' refers to Jangphai Solutions Pvt Ltd. The term 'You', 'User' refers to the registered user or customer, merchant, visitor, third party service provider, or any visitor of the platform. The term 'Platform' refers to Our Website and App.

This privacy policy is an electronic document and does not need any physcial or digital signature.