Where is the SEFU app available for download?

Please download and install ‘SEFU’ app from App Store (‘iOS’) or Play Store (‘Android’) based on your mobile phone’s operating system. You should use the key word ‘SEFU’ to search for the app

What would be the process for a visitor to enter our campus?

Using SEFU App, the security staff at the Gate will enter the necessary information of the visitor and initiate an entry permission request from the respective Resident who will confirm back with an Accept or Reject response. Based on the response the visitor is either allowed inside (for ACCEPT response) or sent back (for REJECT response)

What if me and my family members do not have a touch phone (Android or iOS phone) to use SEFU?

SEFU platform also support button phones. All important fuctions of the platform are supported through SMS and / or IVR communication of Button phones.

How can I add a tenant for my flat?

There will be one primary and one secondary contact numbers per flat. Whoever resides in the flat should be the primary contact as he / she will receive all notifications regarding visitor entry. Tenants being residents, would need to be registered on SEFU platform. They need to download and install SEFU app on their primary and secondary phones to be part of the SEFU platform. The tenants can register themselves, which is a simple process, or can take help of the Campus Admin to register.

Who can see my entry and exit logs?

The entry and exit logs are visible only through Administrator’s Console and can be downloaded as reports.

How can I ensure that I have the updated version of the App?

All minor updates of SEFU will be pushed automatically to the registered devices. Users will be prompted to restart their App to reflect the updates after a push. For any Major releases, the users will receive notifications from Play Store and App Store to download the updates on their phones.

Does SEFU use digital pass code or physical IDs for entry verification?

SEFU has options to eliminate malicious or ghost entries that can happen through human manipulation and information mis-representations. Also, Digital codes can be mis-typed, mis-spelled or forgotten in many cases thereby inducing inaccuracies in the verification process. SEFU uses cross-verification of stored and real-time information which is augmented through physical records.

What is the onboarding duration?

SEFU has an easy and quick onboarding process and can be completed within 2-3 days for small campuses. The duration varies based on the volume of data entry required for a campus.

How difficult is SEFU platform to use for end users?

SEFU is an easy to use platform with a simple menu to access the list of features. The platform uses minimal colors to ensure there is no challenge to elderly persons. The fonts used on labels and headers are kept reasonably large to be easily visible.

How can I avoid receiving SEFU notifications?

If you do not want to receive notifications you may switch off the same using the Notification Config feature of the app.

Who will SEFU platform scan while entering the campus?

All regular vendors, one-time visitors and guests, all campus assets, and residents’ vehicles are scanned at entrance of the campus.

Will the platform be able to monitor security patrolling in the campus?

Yes. The platform can be augmented to track movement of security staff inside the campus. Reports of such movements can be generated for review by the Admin or the Resident's body.

Will SEFU be able to provide reports of Vendors, Visitors and Asset entry and exit?

Yes. The reports are available for Admin to generate, download and share with the resident’s association or other stakeholders as needed.

Does SEFU have any feature that helps in seeking Emergency help?

Yes, campus residents and security staff can use the SEFU SOS feature of the app to raise alarms and seek help in emergency situations.

Is there any communication feature in the platform using which the residents can discuss and communicate on common topics of interest?

Yes, the ChatBox and NewsFeed features of the platform would help the residents communicate with fellow residents of the campus. The Admin can use the platform to create Surveys or Polls on topics where consensus needs to be obtained.

What is the process of Login to SEFU?

After installation, please Open or Launch the SEFU app by clicking on the icon. You will be taken to the Login Screen. Select the appropriate Campus to login. Please enter your Primary Mobile Phone number (10 digits) you had provided for registration. Your default password (please change after first login) is shared in the Welcome email sent to your registered email id. If you have not received your email, please check your spam folder or contact Admin for assistance. On submitting your first Login with your Phone number and default password, your phone will be verified through an OTP. Once successfully verified, your will be on SEFU’s default home page (NewsFeed page) and all set to use the SEFU platform. Residents will remain logged in to the app by default unless they explicitly log out. They do not need to re-login when they close and open the app each day.

What is the process if I want to change my registered phone number?

For any changes to the registered phone number or other information, please submit the request to the Campus Admin. The Campus Admin will verify and update the same.

How can more than one member in a house login to the app?

More than one member of a house can login using the Primary registered phone number and the password. Notifications will be received on the phone which used the app most recently.