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Navigate the rich features of SEFU platform for Residents and Security Staff


Security Staff raise visitor notifications and allow entry based on approval response. Resident can Accept or Reject visitor entry request


Residents can pre-approve Visitors entry (Delivery, Vendors, etc.), Guest entry, Child entry and exit and Material exit. Security Staff will verify and allow entry and exits based on residents' pre-approval instructions

Security and Vendor

View list of Security Staff and Vendors currently inside the campus


My Profile

Users and Security Staff can view their information details as regsitered in the platform

Water Management

Security staff enters water consumption data which is then visible to Residents as consumption report


Residents and Security staff can raise emergency alarm by using the SOS feature



Residents can interact with each other in this group chat platform


Residents can participate in Polls initiated in the community for decision. They can view the results once the poll ends.


Residents can view their Invoices due for payment to the community and make online payments

Notification Config

Residents can opt to receive or not to receive notifications from the platform events from this page

Water Usage

Residents can view their individual usage details from the page

Help Resource

Residents can access videos and documents that can provide operational information of the platforms

One Time and Regular Visitor

Record and Scan visitor information at the gate. Notify target Resident and obtain online approval for entry


Security Staff views approval notifications from Residents and allows entry of visitors and guests


Security Staff allows entry or exits of visitors, guests, materials and child basd on residents' pre-approval


Scan and authenticate residents' vehicles at the gate. Scan Patrolling tags to verify Security patrolling in campus


Scan Assets entering or exiting the campus and capture reason for the same

Water Meter Reader

Security Staff can enter daily readings of individual water meters for houses and common areas


Use Cases

  • Gate Security and Visitor Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Water Usage Tracking and Reporting

It is easy to install, highly secure, feature rich, simple to use for all ages, cost effective and have no locking period. Check out the details

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Unique benefits for you

  • Dedicated server and database for every community or layout, gauranteeing absolute data security and isolation
  • Dual factor authentication to eliminate ghost entry of visitors
  • Absolute data privacy - no interference or intrusion into user data without approval
  • Security patrolling tracker
  • Personalized care for each campus with dedicated support
  • One time configurations, minimal operation effort
  • Free-to-download SEFU (user) and SEFU Defender (security) Mobile Apps
  • Free trial period to evaluate the product features and decide
  • Do your own installation and setup in simple steps
  • Flexibility to provide customized features for campuses
  • Dedicated contact and support person for each campus

We bring to our customers a host of features which are unique, innvotive, futuristic, minimal-cost and geneuinely cares for customers' overall security and ease of operation.


Installation and Commissioning

  • On-site commisioning
  • Remote commisioning
  • Self commisioning

We can install and commision a campus in just few hours and in multiple ways based on customer convenience

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Whom we can help

  • Apartment Communities and Residential Communities
  • Industrial Units
  • Builders and Developers

Our platform helps solve the following :

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A FREE to download mobile app for apartment communities and residential layouts that provides visitor authentication, residents' communication tools, and host of other features


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